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Specifically Created For Women Struggling with Fine & Thin Hair That Never Seems to Grow Past the Collar Bone...

This Revolutionary Hair Extension Method Will Give You the Most Natural, Light- Weight, and Comfortable Long Hair You've Ever Had, WITHOUT the Damage of Traditional Extension Methods...


Custom Process

Designed to Achieve Your Hair Goals

NBR is an experience that begins with an in depth consultation catered to your wants and needs, a custom color on your natural hair, a custom color on your extensions for a perfect seamless blend, a flawless install, a tailored cut, and signature style.

Quicker Appointments

You Are In & Out of the Salon In Less Than 4 Hours!

In just 2-4 hours you are in and out of the salon fully transformed with the most comfortable, full, long, and light-weight hair you've ever had!

No Glue or Tape Involved

There is No Glue or Tape Involved, and It's PAINFREE!

The removal process is quick and painless only taking 5 minutes since there is no glue or tape involved.

No Damage, No Slipping Out!

Using Minimal Points of Contact NBR Will Not Slip Or Cause Any Damage to Your Natural Hair

Not only will you have the most beautiful comfortable hair you've ever had. No one will even know you are wearing hair extensions unless you show them.


NBR Signature Blend

Custom Colored For Each Guest For a Natural Seamless Blend From Scalp to Ends

NBR is known for its signature seamless blend. Using the highest quality hair on the market. The hair is uniquely designed to last 4-6 months AND endure any custom coloring process, which will give you the natural, long lasting, custom blend that is unmatched in the industry.

If you are ready to experience the most natural, full, light-weight, comfortable, instagram worthy hair of your life, click "APPLY FOR NBR" 

below to get started.

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